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Gynecomastia Condition

Excessive breast growth in men is a medical condition called Gynecomastia. Male breast reduction surgery typically reduces the size of the male breasts and reduces puffy nipples. After most male breast reduction procedures, men report a stronger, firmer chest that looks and feels more masculine, and as a result, a better self-image and higher confidence. Do you suffer from a Gynecomastia Condition

Male Health Condition : Gynecomastia

Men who develop gynecomastia often fear that there health is at higher risk for breast cancer. There is no confirmed statistical association between the two conditions, except when the gynecomastia is associated with cirrhosis or a chromosomal disorder called Klinefelter's syndrome. Click here for more on Gynecomastia Male Health Condtions and Treatments.

Gynecomastia : How Can I get rid of this Condition

Health conditions and habits can cause gynecomastia due to over production of estrogens through liver diseases and obesity which can alter the testosterone and estrogen balance in the body. There are breast reduction pills for men to get rid of your man boob condition.

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